Thursday, February 05, 2004

A student life is a lifelong process educating and experiencing the ways surging ahead towards the road to path of success. A learner in school cannot ignore information super highway track as he is in risk being less effective at his pace in future times ahead the advance technological century. Kids need to realize the use of Computers and so do the teachers. It is a challenging task for a teacher to educate the kids as they themselves need to keep pace with the Changing times. Information, Education and Entertainment themes on the computers can actually be a tool to be Aware, educate, inspire, motivate and encourage the teacher as well as the pupil, together striving to climb the ladders to reach the successive goals. The ‘Operation Knowledge’ schemes can boost the Teacher-student power with the ‘Teach the Teacher-Kids’ Programs making Computers and Internet a compulsory medium and forming ‘SMART’ Schools teaching skills and value based education side by side Schools can direct to social learning & attitudes in the use of machines. Nevertheless a status symbol, info tech learning proves a challenging force with endless learning themes yet be specifically aware that computers do prove a poor second in primary educational levels where the base is to be built strong with the reading, writing and understanding skills.Creativity too demands attention as in music. painting or crafts, directed teaching, learning and exploring is quite obvious rather than turn to the machines.

Time for every parent and Teacher 'To Learn & Teach with the Times' - Time for Kids to cultivate 'Reading Habits' first and than Computing follows, Quite Naturally!