Friday, September 06, 2013

Reading on back seat?

Sometime ago, a Gujarati Newspaper featured my Library article in its Supplement Page. City Bhaskar in Divya Bhaskar ( mentioned about the rare and unique collection of Books in my Library.

As an Author, I always feel that reading is very important. I almost stopped blogging on all my blogs as frankly speaking, most of my time was occupied at social networks esp. Facebook. Secondly, a lot of reading session were held at my Library and Books have remained my first choice.

Sometimes I wonder - Is reading on the back seat? Are more kids getting tech savvy? Has gadgets and internet websites taken over more time that they have no time for reading? How many teachers help children with the reading class and make them write Book reviews. I see a lot of change in five years in my own classroom. Today's generation is distracted. They know a lot yet they lack a lot of confidence when it comes to reading and learning out of the box. Classics and literature sessions are almost done with Projects and we have a whole lot of children who want creativity most of the time.

Well, here's my articles on Moms Zone on newly redesigned Kidsfreesouls and you can watch this space as I update with my Book articles and also on many other Parenting articles. Also stay connected for Books and Book reviews too.

- ilaxi patel
Author of Guardian of Angels (My blog on Kidsfreesouls)