Tuesday, July 26, 2005

The biggest names in music took the stage across the globe on July 2, 2005, in front of one million spectators and millions of viewers, all armed with one purpose—to make poverty history. You can still join the the largest internet streaming event ever on-demand throughout the summer. Catch every performance, from every show, on-demand—available to everyone at :

In what promises to be the biggest music event since Live Aid 20 years ago, dozens of the world's biggest pop acts performed at eight concerts around the world on July 2 to put pressure on world leaders meeting soon afterwards to do more to alleviate poverty in Africa. Hundreds of thousands of fans were present at concerts, and tens of millions more tuned in to an event which organizer and Irish rocker Bob Geldof wanted to "tilt the world a little bit on its axis in favor of the poor"...

G8 is formed with 8 nations whose leaders of the United States, Britain, Japan, Germany, France, Italy, Russia and Canada remained present as the rockers and campaigners led by Bob Geldof and U2 Bono have made a mass movement to press for action on African poverty.More than a million people jammed Live 8 venues around the globe as a galaxy of rock stars staged the world's biggest concert to pressure rich nations into doing more for the poor.

There, you see a banner on the right of this Blog and if you think you wish to support eradicating poverty all over the world, here is an opportunity.

- Blossomsmile ilaxi
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Thursday, July 14, 2005

Charlie & The Chocolate Factory - Celebrate Chocolate days ahead with the movie release! Acclaimed director Tim Burton brings his vividly imaginative style to "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory".Johnny Depp will play Willy Wonka. I'd loved 'Chitty Chitty, Bang Bang" but sure, this one's my favorite story - soon on screens! Enjoy!

This is a true star of Children's Literature.Charlie and the Chocolate Factory is a singular delight, crammed with mad fantasy, childhood justice and revenge, and as much candy as you can eat. Willy Wonka opens the gate of his Chocolate Factory to the five 'Lucky Winners' who finds the golden ticket wrapped in a Wonka Chocolate. Charlie is poor and gets only one Chocolate bar a year! One day he finds a dollar bill in the snow and buys himself a chocolate bar. Luck favours him as this contains the fifth golden ticket. The fantasy tour of Charlie begins with the other four winners - Mike Teaves who lives for TV, Veruca Salt, a brat who lives with bratty parents, Violet Beaguragarde, a girl who love gum and Augustus Gloop who would just eat anything! Dahl portrays incidents with resourcefulness and humour. Violet blows up into a blueberry from sneaking forbidden chewing gum and Agustus Gloops is carried away on the river of chocolate he would not resist. They have great Adventures and in the end, Wonka gives a big 'Surprise' to Charlie. This is an all time Dahl Classic for all Ages. Kidsfreesouls 'Choice Pick' - Especially for 8-12 years:-)Yeah, if you love kid movies, for you too!

- Blossomsmile ilaxi
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Monday, July 11, 2005

There goes a saying “Some people don’t aim too high and miss, they aim too low and hit!” The most powerful time is the time when we are alone, thinking about what we are to do. We need to set our goals and target to reach to heights. Daily Planning helps us to focus on what is really crucial and important in our day to come and permits us to identify time to use wasted hours more productively. It is said "You may be disappointed if you fail, but you are doomed if you don't try." And so, its always a sure fire way to try to catch the moon and while doing so, sure you pick up the stars there somewhere! And then, there is this strong Faith and ‘Believe in yourself and the things that you can do’ and nothing ever stops you from reaching your desired Goals.

- Blossomsmile ilaxi
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Sunday, July 10, 2005

'Rathyatra' day and its been a strong faith for many hindus as they joined the Rathyatra procession on 8th July. Several stories throw light on this Rathyatra day, however, here is the info that I am sure you will like to read. Rath in Hindu Scriptures is meaningful...Body Rath, Samsara Rath & Life Rath...The meaning is deep and one need not go deep into the teachings if you only wish to know how the Rathyatra procession is carried out. I have the earlier 2003 procession description and its every year, the Rathyatra celebrations take place with some difference. One thing is most impressive that during this procession, the Hindus and Muslims of Ahmedabad are seen 'United' and as someone told me that before two days, one lac people had free lunch at the Ahmedabad Jagannath temple and that too like you never had such delicious feast anywhere else. Even the poor people of all caste, more than we can count, sit in a line waiting for food and they are served in special new steel plates! Well, I guess this is the spiritual believe and the faith - almost found everywhere round the world. Check out for the Rathyatra pages on kidsfreesouls and info on Krishna.

-Blossomsmile ilaxi
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Did you know 'A voice bring love back into your life and a voice can make your work loads lighter when you are on heights of your job and the work stress is higher.' 

Well, voice has a special depth of thoughts and can influence your whole life as well as others. When you say ‘Hello’ the sound is like tinkling bell when you say it with softness and deep feeling but if you are harsh with your words, this means you are not towards the right track to road ahead of success. Words spoken with intelligence, words spoken with soft feelings, words spoken with understanding has an impact on the other with the voice power. If you observe people talking, you can find the characteristics of the person which can master you with ‘mind reading’. As we talk to people in person and hear their voice or talk on phone, it's sometimes, the Power of Voice that leaves an impression and a deep influence that work wonders and life seem to be blooming around with happiness. Isn't this so true?

Read 'Power of Voice', an article I wrote years ago in Freesouls, Op-ed page in print media of Sambhaav.

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Tuesday, July 05, 2005

4th July marked the US Independence Day and all celebrate the Flag Day of US singing the US Anthem by Francis Scott Key, it reminds me of my country's National Anthem! But than, so close to heart are the childhood days when we also use to sing the School Song. Even today, when Mt.Carmel kids come to Swagat, we all sing Mt. Carmel Convent School song and Imagine, the kids get so surprised to see me singing their school song! Yeah, me too from Mt.Carmel! Here we sing:

"A happy band from far and near,
Mt.Carmel girls we gather here,
We love the school Mt. carmel hail,
Our love for you shall never fail

Chorus: For God is all our strength, In him we do and dare,
The right against the wrong, we cherish and revere.
Than proudly let us stand, United hand in hand,
we pray that god may bless and keep Mt. Carmel School.

We gather here,where all may sing,
Glad songs of praise of trust and love,
Our youthful hearts here find the way,
That leads to life and endless day.....

Songs often do inspire and encourage us to Keep the faith. I guess all the Swagat students must be humming the Swagat Song too and I remember all swagat kids had jolly fun to shout 'S W A G A T' at Christmas celebrations and events at the place. The song is still sung by present members of the Library class and it's a great feeling for me that a song is sung with so much joy! I'm sure all my ex students (now in 10th/12th or even those who finished college) of Swagat remember their Childhood days spent with me:-)

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