Tuesday, July 05, 2005

4th July marked the US Independence Day and all celebrate the Flag Day of US singing the US Anthem by Francis Scott Key, it reminds me of my country's National Anthem! But than, so close to heart are the childhood days when we also use to sing the School Song. Even today, when Mt.Carmel kids come to Swagat, we all sing Mt. Carmel Convent School song and Imagine, the kids get so surprised to see me singing their school song! Yeah, me too from Mt.Carmel! Here we sing:

"A happy band from far and near,
Mt.Carmel girls we gather here,
We love the school Mt. carmel hail,
Our love for you shall never fail

Chorus: For God is all our strength, In him we do and dare,
The right against the wrong, we cherish and revere.
Than proudly let us stand, United hand in hand,
we pray that god may bless and keep Mt. Carmel School.

We gather here,where all may sing,
Glad songs of praise of trust and love,
Our youthful hearts here find the way,
That leads to life and endless day.....

Songs often do inspire and encourage us to Keep the faith. I guess all the Swagat students must be humming the Swagat Song too and I remember all swagat kids had jolly fun to shout 'S W A G A T' at Christmas celebrations and events at the place. The song is still sung by present members of the Library class and it's a great feeling for me that a song is sung with so much joy! I'm sure all my ex students (now in 10th/12th or even those who finished college) of Swagat remember their Childhood days spent with me:-)

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