Wednesday, January 04, 2006

The new years bells chimed bringing in hope for peace and I am sure, many of you must have been to my main website for my Christmas message, new year wishes & Build Arks for future with Resolutions to keep firm.

Well, as 6th January is about to remind us of the Epiphany, it the adoration of the infant Jesus by the Three Wise Men (Also called 'Magi') who had come from the East.It's the Feast of Lights or Candlemas Feast, 12th day after christmas that winds up the celebrations. The 12th night celebration began at eve of 5th Jan and as per jewish tradition, comedies performed in courts and nobles.

Here's wishing you....Happy 2006

May Your Dreams Come True.......
May Happy hours and sweetest flowers be strewn along
Life's way for you, Unceasingly
And may the light of love burn bright As god's own stars
Which shine for you, Unchangingly!

- Blossomsmile ilaxi