Thursday, June 01, 2006

May month had been the Mental Health Month. Depression along affects as many as one in every 33 children and one in eight teens. Mental Disorder in children rises which make them irritated, rude, unpredictable, disorganized and so on which lead to problems at home, school or community. Help children grown up gracefully in normal environment with their days filled with happiness. Visit the nmha site and get aware.

Why only for the Month of May? Depression is round the clock - The deadly word 'D' bites like a deadly hound to You-Me-Us. Proudly wear a green ribbon to draw attention to childhood depression and adult depression too.Use the material placed on nmha org site and get aware!

- Blossomsmile ilaxi
Sir Arthur Conan Doyle was the person who set the mystery trail. It had been his birthday recently. Yeah, here's the Biography. He had a passion for books and was a master storyteller. At the age of nine, he was sent to England to Jesuit Boarding School for seven years. Arthur loathed the bigotry surrounding his studies and rebelled at corporal punishment, which was prevalent and incredibly brutal in most English schools of that epoch. During these years, his happier moments was when he wrote to his mother and while he played cricket. He then realized he had great talents of being a storyteller and amazed his friends.

Sherlock Holmes was fifty six short stories in four novels written by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle that became so popular for Holmes ability to solve baffling crimes through clever observations and deduction. He drew amazing conclusions from the minute details.

Here is Sherlock Holmes page at Kidsfreesouls and Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's Biography page that might help you to add in your Profile Scrap Book. Get into the mystery solving - You be the Detective and enjoy!

-Blossomsmile ilaxi