Saturday, July 17, 2004

"Achievement starts when you know that your present place in life does not determine how far you will go.It's purpose is to only remind you where you got Started"

I read this quote in a book "Attitude is Everything for Success" by Keith Harell. It's Attitude that Makes a Big Difference. It is the attitude towards failures or successes which determines the future. A human mind is like a parachute - works best when open, hence being an optimist makes one feel a lighter situation at all times. A positive flow with right attitude towards work and play, time management, excellence, persistence and boosting the potentialities and seek for the creative pursuits. A pessimist always sees the darker side of things.It's Attitude that determines Altitude, afterall.

Attitude is Everything for Success - Say it, Believe it,Recieve it.

Everyone desires success and is capable of it - It's Attitude that counts!

-Blossomsmile ilaxi
Editor, Kidsfreesouls

Monday, July 12, 2004

Michael Schumacher steered his car on the Silverstone racetrack during the British Grand Prix on Sunday in Silverstone. He won the race ahead of McLaren-Mercedes driver Kimi Raikkonen and his Brazilian teammate Rubens Barrichello. It only lasted for the final 15 laps, but at least it was something. It is said, Schumacher's winning time was 1 hour, 24 minutes, 42.700 seconds. His average speed was 218.403 kmph.

Now this is something! Car Racing is however, a costly affair in real life but I guess for kids, it's a thrill to watch on television or play compu games. Car games are screaming speedy funs for those who love to race on compu tracks. The Need 4 Speed series, Carmageddon series, Motocross Madness, Indy car racing. SuperKarts, many more car games,are the many games that zoom you off to different tracks all around the world. Need 4 Speed is the highest top ranking selection in the racing game arena. It has options of most stunning cars to drive on most exotic locations with a facility for downloading more cars and tracks! The latest version 4 is available yet Need 4 Speed III – Hot Pursuit is the best racing game with a 3 D plunge. One can satisfy speed thrills but unlike other games, this has Hot Pursuit – a cop trailing behind to catch hold of you in the last two laps of the track. There is a choice of cars like Chevrolet Corvette, Aston Martin DB7, Jaguar XK8, Mercedes XL 600, Ferrari, Lamborghini, Mercedes CLK-GTR and lots more! The 3D effects has great visuals and the game can be played without 3 D card with 32 MB Ram. To save trouble for resolution changing, 3D card is worth installing as many games are now of this kind. Graphics are superb with weather effects of snow & rain backed by terrific up-tempo beat music to keep the mood.

The Carmaggedon series if for the mature players with more cars, more bad guys, violent too. The Carmaggedon 2 – Carpocalypse is stomach churning with 40 cars to choose from and the very latest. There is a mission mode to complete rough tracks and forget about killing and crashing for some time. The Carma 2 sticks to its gory roots, killing, and breaking glass and wood splinters and freedom to move around, even fly a plane and slaughter mobile and hit and waste trains. It has 3D card effects with hard rock music at the backdrop requiring powerful system.

Sure, Car games are just fun - Be it real Car Racing or playing on compu. Enjoy!

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- Blossomsmile ilaxi

Tuesday, July 06, 2004

"It is nick of time to infuse moral values in kids and check their EQ, IQ & adopt to SQ. Researchers puzzle that some of the IQ scores do fairly poor and waste their potential by thinking, behaving and communicating in a way that hinder their progress. It is more evident that present times demand more IQ, EQ and the coming third wave generation would definitely have to sort for the third ‘Q’ – SQ (Spiritual Quotient) Blend the three together and a ‘Genius’ is Born!" - (Nurture the Genius in your Kids Article)

Well, I think, if we refer to the teachings of Bhagwad Gita, the sacred Hindu Book, we ought to refer to 'KQ' - The Karma Quotient; a force that involves the recorded history and patterns of life that we've brought with us into this life and tells us where we go from here. KQ - the Food for Soul, gives the strength to deal with life and remove obstacles and exactly this, today's kids need to be more focused on their 'Karma' i.e. doings and free from anger, nervousness, inferiority complex, hyperactivity and more! Karmic healing is effective with various life experience and so if 'IQ, EQ, SQ AND KQ are checked. we are changing our own world and our kids life - A better feel - a better Life!

- Blossomsmile ilaxi
Editor, Kidsfreesouls

Friday, July 02, 2004

Sports psychologists Jim E. Loehr describes desired attitude as ‘managing mental energy’ when concentrating on the winning edge in playing a game. Either the attitude stands aggressive or a kind of automatic and relaxed concentration, which allows peak performance. A euphoric state of mind calls for a meditation, be it dynamic, transcendental, work, music medication or whatever. Heart is just a pumping station but one got to think with the brains. It leads to paths of meditative calm, the way of heart with either adopting to spiritual path, path of awareness or path of love. The goal is same but it cajole and bewitch the meditator from the preoccupation with the deification of the mind to pull the rug under and seek for a transcendental meditative state. Sports or a game play of choice, closest to music meditation is a choice for a supportive mental, physical and spiritual stability and anyways, to be adopted and encouraged for better lifestyles.

Stay fit, be meditative, build the sportsmanship spirits

- Blossomsmile ilaxi
Editor, Kidsfreesouls