Tuesday, August 10, 2010

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Long time with no posts here on this Author blog but you can always stay tuned at Kidsfreesouls.com and follow the main Editor's Blog. (Also featured as Amazon Author Blog on Amazon.com)

Writing articles as an Author has been challenging task. However, writing a Kids Newspaper is a marathon task as it has diversed activities other than Parenting articles. At Kidsfreesouls.com, you can find the Parenting Section but additionally, all that is required for a Parent or a Teacher to upbring the child and focus on their overall development.

Recently, I had great mention of Alfred Lord Tennyson and if you have missed on this post on How to Recite a Poetry, follow the Blog Post here. How to write a Poem and How to write a Story is available for read on Poetry Pages.

Btw, its Back to School for kids in US. Time to 'Create a Genius' (From Guardian of Angels) in your Child. Children are with mixed feelings of excitement and leaving behind the creative activities with the bygone summer. New introductions with new teachers and new friends. New Prefects and class monitors or call them Student Teachers and all works great with a wee bit of anxiety at the start of the school routines. What is more important is to set goals, Check the hand writing from the beginning and overcome the homework hassles. Reading routine is another important aspect of student life because if a child has cultivated a reading habit, lessons are no boring sessions.

Check out BACK TO SCHOOL pages on Kidsfreesouls and follow rules of success to make best days of school life.

- ilaxi patel

Author of Guardian of Angels
Editor, http://www.kidsfreesouls.com/
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