Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Guardian of Angels Blog Widget & Pocket money for kids link

How much pocket money did you get as a child? And how much pocket money would you give to your child now?Think over! You need to Change with the Change, isn't it? However, like I mentioned in one of my articles in my Book 'Guardian of Angels', Morris Mandel from Jewish Press says, "Four Magic words : We can't afford it", should be a part of every child's education. A child who has never heard these words, or also has never been forced to abide by their meaning, has surely been cheated by his parents. As exercise strengthens the body, frugality strengthens the spirit. Without its occasional discipline, character suffers."

What every parent need to do is, 'Draw a line on How much pocket money to give to children' and the second thing to teach children is, 'How to manage money.' Those parents who fail to do so, often face stress and ultimately, kids also fall in the category as their demands keep rising and following a herd mentality is quite common we see in a tech age. Thus, it's Parent stress-Kids stress!

You can find more on this on my main Ed note on kidsfreesouls blog.

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- ilaxi patel
Author of Guardian of Angels

Friday, September 19, 2008

Know your child's friends & Teacher's welcoming note

Schools have now become a routine when fun goes amiss. Some children are still stressful and so are the parents. It's time to make your child independent and organized. Change in bedtime routines and a healthy breakfast in the morning. Apart from all, One thing really important for a child is Making connections. Children do make friends on their own but yet, a parental guiding help can add to his positive friendship.

Even teachers need to get an insight to know the child, about their learning abilities and methods to adopt while dealing with children. Welcoming note always help with 'Child Development Review.'

Here's my recent post on this on my Ed Blog note. Enjoy.

- ilaxi patel
Author of Guardian of Angels