Wednesday, September 22, 2004

Banned Books Week is celebrated this year from 24th September. Benjamin Franklin said: "Without Freedom of Thought, there can be no such Thing as Wisdom; and no such Thing as public Liberty, without Freedom of Speech."


Freedom of speech is at will but Books are challenged and banned for every possible reason. Books are challenged usually, to protect others, frequently children, from difficult ideas and information. And it might surprise many, Harry Potter Books face a challenge Book category for its focus on wizardy and magic! It is understood that between 1990 and 2000, around 6,364 challenges reported to or recorded by the Office for Intellectual Freedom. Based upon the objections of a person or group, when books are challenged for reading, they are banned! However,Banned Books Week makes it possible for 'Free People Read Freely' concept and the Banned Books week emphasize the freedom to choose or the freedom to express one's opinion. Sometimes, silencing the expression of opinion is no good but when the material is unsuitable for age group, offensive language or sexually explicit, Banning is Must! Human Race falls prey easy to the vices and yet, when these challenged books ultimately get banned, this week sure do justice to work that is dumped in cans if the content is good for read!

Enjoy Free Reads, Banned Reads.

- Blossomsmile ilaxi
Editor, Kidsfreesouls

Thursday, September 16, 2004

Did you know that the first Television Programme started in Delhi on 15th September 1959? Since then, the so called ‘Idiot Box’ has attracted mass media, glued to its charm with various programmes.

Recent research at the National Institute of Mental Health conducted by Peter Jensen concluded, "Extensive exposure to television and video games may promote development of brain systems that scan and shift attention at the expense of those that focus attention." In countless homes and classrooms, we see children with more impulsive behaviors, less willing and able to persevere through challenging mental tasks, hyperactive, reactive, with little or no impulse control. Research confirms that children who watch TV or play video games for more than two hours daily will most likely exhibit one or more of these characteristics. What can we do? Limit viewing hours? Temptation to fill leisure hours with TV viewing be avoided? Don't occupy child's mind with lot of education stuff that leads to boredom? Think! There must be sure fire way to lessen the TV viewing hours! E-mail me your views!

- Blossomsmile ilaxi

Friday, September 10, 2004

Prayer on Lips brings one closer to God! Recently I was reading a Book of Neale Donald Walsche 'Conversations with God' It is said "Communication is the key to success" but how and when do we communicate with God? Neale Donald Walsch has a way showing his readers how to be communicate with the ultimate super power 'God' and develop a friendly relation, irrelevant of the fact whether you can see him, meet him or not! Neale's dialogue with god fetches him back the answers that he could not visualize and foresee.

I vaguely remember one of my print page reader Munira Budhdev from Nadiad had sent me an email saying that she is a muslim and wish to know the Hindu religion and especially teach her kids some Hindu Prayers.Well, this is one great difference we can make. Its we, who create differences of caste and creed and we ourselves who can bridge in the gaps too!! Afterall, we are all human beings who can understand one language and that is Humanity! Here are some Prayers which might be useful to some:


* Karagre vaste laxmihi karmule saraswati, Karmadhye tu govindaha prabhate kar darshanam.

This means:

On the tips of the fingers resides Goddess Laxmi,

On the wrists resides Goddess Saraswati

In the centre of the palm resides Lord Govinda himself

Every morning one should look at the palm with reverence

Sanskrit words meanings:

kar- palm (complete), agre-at the tips (of all fingers), vaste-resides, Laxmi-goddess, (Prosperity), kar-palm, mule-at the base of, Saraswati-goddess of knowledge, madhye-centre, tu-indeed, govinda-Lord Krishna, controller of senses, prabhate-in the morning, kar-palm, darshanam-see with reverence


Brahmarpanam brahm havibrahyagro brahmana hutam, brahev ten gantavyam brahm karm samadhina.


Brahman, Himself is the oblation (offering, pious donation) Brahmin itself is the clarified butter,etc

constituting the offerings, by Brahman himself is the oblation poured into the fire of Brahman, Brahman verify (in truth) shall be reached by him who always sees Brahman in all actions.

Sanskrit words meanings:

Brahma-Brahman, arpanam-offering, havi-the clarified, brahyagro-the fire of Brahmin, Brahmana-by brahmin, hutam-is offered, avam-only, ten-by him, gantavyam-shall be reached, brahma-by the man who is absorbed, karm-in action which is, samadhina-Brahman

PRAYER AT NIGHT - Asking for Forgiveness

Karcharanakrutam vak-kayajam karmajam va,

shravanayanajam va manasam va paradham.

Vihitamvihitam va sarvametat kshamswa

jay jay karnabdhe shree mahadeva shambho.


O Lord, Kindly forgive my wrong actions done knowingly or unknowingly, either through my organs of action (hands, feet, speech) or through my organs of perception (tears, eyes) or by my mind. Glory unto thee, O Lord, who is the ocean of Kindness.


Saraswati namastubhyam varde kamrupini, vidhyarambha karishyami siddhirbhavatu me sada.


Oh! Goddess Saraswati, my humble prostrations (in submission/lying face downwards) unto thee,

Thee who are the fulfiller of all wishes. I start my studies with thy worship and always pray for success.

God exists in our everyday life to inspire, encourage and build within the courage to face the bare facts of life.

- Blossomsmile ilaxi

Wednesday, September 01, 2004

Schools promoting Home-made Lunch Box for kids in Ahmedabad is welcoming as kids meal would no more contain 'junk' and 'canned' eating stuff. Instead a fair meal served with portions of nutritious, fresh vegetables, no junk like cheese or butter and no fried food.

If parents really teach the kid how to eat at the very start, kids may not face malnutrition at a tender age. Neither they would be obese and face complications. The Food & Nutrition Board, Dept. of Women and Child Development, Ministry of Human Resource Development, Govt. of India announces National Nutrition Week from 1-7 September 2004.(Govt of India websites) Malnutrition during early childhood has a lifelong implications on the health of an individual. An under-nourished child do not achieve full potential of growth and the deficiencies of Vitamin A, iron, folic acid, iodine, zinc, etc. affect their growth and immunity. The child faces with poor cognitive skills, poor learning ability and lack of concentration leading to school dropouts. Due to malnutrition during childhood, diabetes, hypertension, cardiovascular diseases are the cause result in later life. Malnutrition to the extent impairs human development, results in low productivity and poor economic growth.

So kids and parents, check out there! Follow the Healthy Eating Tips & Relish the 'Recipe for Life' too!

Keep the Faith!

- Blossomsmile ilaxi