Thursday, October 04, 2007

Children who use mobiles are found to be using more as fun gadget. They play games on their mobiles, use for sms and pics. Mobiles are dangerous for kids. Researchers say, Children under the age of eight should not use mobile phones as heavy use lead to ear and brain tumours and they concluded that the risks had been underestimated by most scientists. The news prompted calls for phones to carry health warnings and panic in parts of the industry. The first mobile targeted at 4-8 year olds also been withdrawn. There were concerns about health risks.

The child should know, it's a use of mobile phone only in time of special/urgent needs only. Teach them three things if they are using mobiles (Best is 'No mobiles till 16) and don't let them get attracted for the fancy picks.

Three things children using mobiles should know:

1. Protect the mobile numbers. Do not give your no. to everyone. Do not let others see your number.
2. Do not respond to unwanted SMS or call back for strangers who sms or ring you.
3. Do not give your information to any caller unless you know the person.

There's no denying that we live in a dangerous world and that children are overwhelmingly important. A day when our mobiles go off even for a while, we are used to adjust but the next generation is out with the newer technology and its safety more a concern for them right now. Protect kids from the dangers using mobiles.

More, it's time to Protect Kids from Crime! I wrote this article in my book after I saw a movie and with the effects of the local ongoing riots then; also the 9/11 and the War effects on children as they watched the television full of crime!

The future is Next Gen Y with the web, gadgets and no peace around!

- ilaxi patel
Author: Guardian of Angels
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