Monday, March 16, 2009

Build the Confidence and block anxiety

Confidence is the key to success. We all know this but often we find our children lacking the confidence. Especially, during examinations. Examination period is also a cause of anxiety. It is observed that many people have the social phobias in their personal and professional lives and many find it a ‘Blocking Door’ as they stumble over a presentation at work or go blank on a test or baffle to speak and find stammering in nervousness in certain situations. This is a disturbed social confidence and a stressful situation.

Do not let a Parental Anxiety create stress for children. In fact, turn the anxiety into Energy. Keep cool. Believe in yourself and your child. A child who is stressed with Parental anxiety often finds loss of memory and loss of confidence.

Eight Things you can do to boost Confidence in your kids:

Build self esteem

Encourage responsibility



Instill Moral values

Deepen child’s Self-knowledge & Awareness

Respond sensitively to set back

Decision spontaneity

Moreover, never compare. Nor, let the child feel inferiority complex. Follow the examination tips and the Blog note on Ed Desk here and let examinations be a wonderful experience for kids and you too - as a Parent, it's a happy educating a child to reach his goals some day.

- ilaxi patel

Author of Guardian of Angels

Newspaper for kids