Wednesday, September 01, 2004

Schools promoting Home-made Lunch Box for kids in Ahmedabad is welcoming as kids meal would no more contain 'junk' and 'canned' eating stuff. Instead a fair meal served with portions of nutritious, fresh vegetables, no junk like cheese or butter and no fried food.

If parents really teach the kid how to eat at the very start, kids may not face malnutrition at a tender age. Neither they would be obese and face complications. The Food & Nutrition Board, Dept. of Women and Child Development, Ministry of Human Resource Development, Govt. of India announces National Nutrition Week from 1-7 September 2004.(Govt of India websites) Malnutrition during early childhood has a lifelong implications on the health of an individual. An under-nourished child do not achieve full potential of growth and the deficiencies of Vitamin A, iron, folic acid, iodine, zinc, etc. affect their growth and immunity. The child faces with poor cognitive skills, poor learning ability and lack of concentration leading to school dropouts. Due to malnutrition during childhood, diabetes, hypertension, cardiovascular diseases are the cause result in later life. Malnutrition to the extent impairs human development, results in low productivity and poor economic growth.

So kids and parents, check out there! Follow the Healthy Eating Tips & Relish the 'Recipe for Life' too!

Keep the Faith!

- Blossomsmile ilaxi


Healthy Eating Guru said...

When enjoying a healthy lifestyle, one of the biggest challenges is making meals on the go. Brown bagging is even more difficult when children are involved, but it is still possible to create delicious, nutritious brown bag lunches that the whole family will love.
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