Sunday, July 10, 2005

'Rathyatra' day and its been a strong faith for many hindus as they joined the Rathyatra procession on 8th July. Several stories throw light on this Rathyatra day, however, here is the info that I am sure you will like to read. Rath in Hindu Scriptures is meaningful...Body Rath, Samsara Rath & Life Rath...The meaning is deep and one need not go deep into the teachings if you only wish to know how the Rathyatra procession is carried out. I have the earlier 2003 procession description and its every year, the Rathyatra celebrations take place with some difference. One thing is most impressive that during this procession, the Hindus and Muslims of Ahmedabad are seen 'United' and as someone told me that before two days, one lac people had free lunch at the Ahmedabad Jagannath temple and that too like you never had such delicious feast anywhere else. Even the poor people of all caste, more than we can count, sit in a line waiting for food and they are served in special new steel plates! Well, I guess this is the spiritual believe and the faith - almost found everywhere round the world. Check out for the Rathyatra pages on kidsfreesouls and info on Krishna.

-Blossomsmile ilaxi
Editor online, kidsfreesouls

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