Saturday, March 12, 2005

Did we miss out the Birthday of Michelangelo? Well, well, life is on a fast lane but nay, we don't miss out on memories, do we? Michelangelo was one of the most famous Artists in history. He was mainly interested in creating large marble statues, but his endless creativity energy also led him to become a great painter and architect as well as a poet. This is his info on kidsfreesouls Literature pages but if you are really interested in knowing all about Michelangelo, click here to a beautiful website I came across. Michelangelo was a poet and he said "No one has full mastery before reaching the end
of his art and his life." in one of his poems.He worked through the reign of thirteen Popes and worked for nine of them! Never has ever been so good an artist like Michelangelo and I would say, yeah, if you wish to be someone in your life, set your Goal. If you do so, you can Achieve your desires. The Parents and Teachers should support the child with the cycle of setting and achieving goals that are meaningful enough to motivate them to carry them out. Not make them adopt to the activities of their own choice for which the child do not have interest. Here are some tips to 'Set the Goals' - Get Going...

Keep the Faith! Hey! Btw, Did I say that I got an 'Outstanding Journalist' Award? Well, well, here's the Blog Note on my other website where I am Editor Online too.

-Blossomsmile ilaxi

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