Saturday, June 18, 2005

Back to School! Lot of fancy Books, Pencils, erasers and sharpeners! Not to forget the heavy loaded school bags with the Mickey mouse and Spiderman characters. Kids are demanding all sorts of goodies and as we debated the other day with kids in my library, Ashini says, 'Having such fancy things sure makes me feel impressive and show off other kids" whereas Ayushi has cool advice "All cannot afford to buy and so if I buy fancy stationery, my friends might feel bad that they can't buy". Shaimi who stays with a joint family beamed, "We all brothers and sisters get different design and branded stationery so as not to mix up and end fighting. Sometimes, we can't buy what we want coz my younger sister or cousin will demand for it".

Now, I feel, as parents,fulfilling wish out of love for children is a one time affair but if the demands keep coming when one cant cope up to make two ends meet, the real trouble shooting probs explode. If tackled right from the start, things really do make a difference to remain united in a cozy comfortable manner.  Children are acutely sensitive to the nuances of their parents' tension and well-being. Family silence around stress can cause children to shoulder unnecessary burdens of shame and guilt. Talking with them is an important first step toward helping them gain important coping skills.Reducing stress is an important step for parents & kids - that is Parental stress, Kids stress ( Tips there, right away!

- Blossomsmile ilaxi

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