Sunday, March 11, 2007

Many children get on the aggression, emotional confusion and lead to depression state with the increased game play with the electronic games. Regular games are much more healthier than the Play Station or the X Box games. This does not mean, kids should not play games on computers, but we all know many of the games involve slaughtering the opponents or destroying them head on. Recent studies show in Europe that such games are too harmful for children. Also there is lack of human communication as the kids are hooked to gaming. Sports help children interact socially and games like carrom can lead to interaction, conflict and resolutions. Also games like scrabble are good for kids.

We cannot scratch off computing games, however, we cannot just watch children pressing buttons on an electronic gadget and sitting completely for hours. It is in ours and their interest that children enjoy all games and engage into constructive gaming activities. Let this be a resolution for all women to watch what their kids play and pass on their wisdom and wise guidance to choose the right game - play any time, any where, and Enjoy! 

- ilaxi

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