Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Many parents keep wondering "Do virtual games help children become good at playing real life sports?" You find the answer, quick and straight when the kids play the simple games toying the keyboard. Virtual games are a simulation ground for real time learning for children. In most of the games, kids are constantly required to predict events, explore spatial relationships between objects, keep check on risks, distances, etc. They need to possess better levels of analytical and logical skills and they tend to exhibit faster their reflexes. Games like chess, golf, cricket, football, car racing and so on, are the favorites with kids. Hey, why forget the Harry Potter? This is a pick of many boys these days with the old and popular game 'Prince' & 'Doom' in the list.

Parents do need to take out some time and follow my article on what games to choose for kids. All games aren't good. However, I believe virtual games, if used in the right way, can help players improve co-ordination and visual skills, improve their logical and analytical skills and make them lead to perfection.

- ilaxi
Editor, kidsfreesouls.com
Author of: Guardian of Angels

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