Thursday, June 21, 2007

There is a concern for kids using mobiles. Mobile bullying is on a rise all over the world. You can read further on Bullying: A menace in my Book "Guardian of Angels." I feel, the need of the hour is to provide proper guidance before use of such gadgets and let the child know about the consequences of its negative use. Bullying is a sin when you harm someone and getting bullied and keeping quiet is a crime you allow to tear you apart - It's need to get educated and be aware to prevent Bully, either way!

According to a research of by NCH and Tesco Mobile, one in five young people have been bullied or threatened by mobile phone or computer (through text messages, emails, photos, etc). However, 56% parents aren't worried over this except a few teachers are aware of the problems. In UK, 51% teachers reported of Mobile text bullying and 67% teachers reported on such issues with their primary level students. Here is the site by NCH and you can download the 10 tips Stop Text Bully Poster from here and clip it on your School Board. I have taken a special class on this as Indian Mobile scenario is fast changing and we have the best mobiles available here.

Being the World Music Day, You can find here the best music download sites & NIEHS Sing along musicals & Free Kids music too. Enjoy!

- ilaxi patel
Author: Guardian of Angels


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