Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Parents need the feel to be the kids’ friends but the fact remains, a child needs a leader and not a buddy sometimes. Parents need to set limits and make the rules. Breaking rules is the game of the kids with their innocence but it is the parent who need to be less a friend and more a mentor when it comes to raising disciplined and well behaved kids. Being firm is a quality to be developed when it comes to discipline. "I don’t like your behaviour" and ignore the kid when it needs this kind of treat but when he calms down, play or talk cool with the child.

All knowing on all about, Commandments of Parenting. Pick up Guardian of Angels to read more on this.

Btw, the real problem remains when there's forging new family ties. How can step families get off to a good start? Set the Commendments of Parenting! Why are step parents so often portrayed as cruel and heartless? Many children of divorce fantasize that their birth parents will someday reunite, a dream that a new marriage shatters. And the child often blame the stepparent. The split effect love and hate with often fear everything from abandonment to losing their own name when they become part of a step family. They have a target for feelings of rebellion and fail to adjust. Remember, Cinderella? The sisters envy her and when the glass slipper fit Cinderella's dainty foot, the step sisters glare in disbelief. The competition becomes heated and the story comes readily in mind to younger teenagers.

What do you say on step parenting? Watch the kidsfreesouls space on the new upcoming article on Raising Step children.

- ilaxi patel

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