Sunday, February 15, 2009

Smooth Sailing Relationships

Relationships mean a lot in life! Let there be Smooth sailing Relationship with soft hearts but no broken relations if one got to stay happy, make happy, stay cool. How often, we find people with 'Crush' and this can happen with anyone - children to adults! Only as parents or teachers, we ourselves need to be too aware of our emotions and set a positive example to children who often need guidance.

Here are tips that might help adults and guide children too :

Stay cool. Make sure the person you like so dearly is not married because it sooner or later spells disaster. If you do so, keep the friendship a distance and let not your emotions go haywire. After all, many people learn this from experiences only!

If your Crush is too young, treat her right! Don’t scare them out of your wits. Just be cool friends, give positive signals of openness to make her realize that you care. Even if you don’t get encouragement to positive signals, let go. Don’t hurt yourself or the other. Do not tell tales about your Crush as it would only harness yours and her reputation spreading rumors about your relationship.

If your crush is too old, Watch out! Snoop around a bit and get to know how her reputation holds importance. If you think of her as a flirt, the warning signal but if she is a flirt like all libras and Leos do, just remember that she lives a lot in realities and you will sooner or later realize your own mistake! Don’t get smitten with love bite but be cool to let your relationship take on a lighter tone while flirting and think positive that some relationships are inspirations and encouragements too. These things are more important to back you up in pursuing your responsibilities in life.

Staring, sending cards, making phone calls, sending messages and stuff should mean something but let not those emotions run wild. It may happen that your crush is more mature and finds such things ‘Silly’. Just ‘Be yourself’ Do not act in haste, make a show-off, smoke, drink or drive senseless to impress someone. In any case, mature people don’t change themselves to please others. Stop those ‘Blank calls’ and all the crazy ways if you have the Crush. Soon you realize its only a ‘Crush’ but if you think, you like the friendship, go ahead and be practical instead of being crazy because friends are forever. If you think, your emotions are chasing high, stop, think and analyze and then, go and let your Crush know point-blank what she means to you or you are interested. If you feel you are right, you are right and stick tight but if you don’t have those reciprocal relationship treat, just Relax, stay cool – catch the hold of the moment, let the heart beat into the sweet memories forever.

Well, I have covered up a Chapter 'Temperament and Values' in my book 'Guardian of Angels'. We all need to Conquer Anxiety and Master our Moods. Know Emotions and stay cool, impart values to our children as they grow up.

Btw, here's Moms Zone for Parents and teachers on Kidsfreesouls.

- ilaxi patel
Author of 'Guardian of Angels'

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