Thursday, September 11, 2003

In their religious goals, men do not differ from one another, no matter where they live and when. All seek favor and protection against dangers of life. They pray for courage in hour of conflict, comfort in time of grief, guidance in daily concerns. They release pangs of conscience. There are six great Religions: Hinduism, Buddhism, Chinese, Islam, Judaism and Christianity. Some have similarities but all six obviously have supplied answers to some of the great questions raised in every human mind by the mystery of life. All of them help men to bear their sorrows. They all tell men how to live, give assurance in the presence of death. Every Religion has noble teachings and lofty moral goals. As Osho says "God has been talked about in every corner of the world but God has remained far away, beyond the stars. Only India has established that God is within man. And in realizing that God within man, only India has given man the capability, the dignity and the beauty to be himself becoming the temple, the shrine. How every being can become a temple and how each being in each moment can become a prayer - this you can call my Dream" Leaving aside our Religious Differences, the World can be a Better Place on earth and spread the message of a big great Religion called HUMANITY!

God Save Mankind, God Save the Universe
Let there be Peace on Earth. Scatter sunshine - Let Love fill the colors of Life!

- Editor, Kidsfreesouls

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