Friday, September 12, 2003

The Zero Ground is the bitter memory of a devastating fall of the Twin Towers. September 11 (911) marks the two-year anniversary of an attack that shocked the world. September 11th changed lives around the globe, and its impact can still be felt today.

Like Robert Schuller says in ‘Why Bad things happen to good people’, there stands no exceptions for good people and god leave us room to be human. The story of a man named Job reflects the story of a pious man, a perfect person who has faith in god, yet God takes his trials when Satan challenges god and tells him to take away his riches and comfort and then see how good he is. Yet, God rules! Job has faith in him and does not flinch! “Behold, he snatches away and who can hinder him, what are you doing?’ (Job 9:12 – Bible) Job said we live in an unjust world and we cannot expect fairness. There is god but he is free of the limitations of justice and righteousness. God even has a hard time keeping chaos in check and limiting those evils can do. And like our very own Hindu Religion says, Kalki Yug is here, the destruction of evil on earth and god comes riding on a White Horse to do so!

At this hour, one can pray for peace to the souls and hope, peace prevails all over the world and terrorism with its deadly claws, sleeps to rest forever!

-Editor, Kidsfreesouls

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