Saturday, October 02, 2004

October 2 and Indians pay a tribute to the Mahatma on his Birthday. As students, Volunteers, NGOs and many people join the Marathon Races for Clean Gujarat with a cleanliness drive, Sabarmati Ashram comes live with memories of Gandhi Bapu.

Gandhiji was a person who believed in the dignity of man and left us all a legacy of ahimsa, love and tolerance. His life was guided by a search for truth. In the `My Experiments of the Truth', Gandhiji stressed that truth was god and his aim in life was to achieve truthfulness in thought, word and deed. Ahimsa, to him was the highest virtue. By non violence, Gandhi meant not merely the absence of violence but also loving concern for all life. He believed that truth could be known only through tolerance and concern for others and that find a truthful way to solutions required constant testing. He taught that to be non-violent required great courage. He adopted Satyagraha based on principles of courage, non-violence and truth. This method was used to fight for India's independence and to bring about social change. The book has exceptional revelations of Gandhiji's own life, his experiences, his beliefs and the stepping stone of his career. A widely read and an inspiring collection, Gandhiji's Autobiography gives a glimpse into the Indian culture and living on path towards Truth & Non violence. A pick for every one who believes in peace n calm.

- Editor, Kidsfreesouls
Blossomsmile ilaxi

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