Friday, October 08, 2004

October has been named "National Sarcastics Awareness Month" in an attempt to help everyone understand both the positive and the negative effects of sarcasm. Here is my article 'Tame the Temper' - Sarcasm?Criticism?Rejection? To control anger is not an easy task but to melt down is certainly a positive signal to defuse a conflict and avoid the sarcastic remarks and think Positive!

Osho says “Every emotion arising in you is a great opportunity. Master the mind. It is a state of consciousness when the outer world is reflected in . Mind is nothing but the process of thinking, the traffic of thought” Thoughts rule the world and it is during our darkest moments that we must focus to see the light. Bubbled anger sometimes is an ego eccentric hurt within and differences are apt to arise, be it within nations, communities, families or individuals. Each person is born in an environment that influences upbringing as from childhood and from the culture, society or family, the person ‘you’ makes waves to confront the darker shadows and its then being assertive that makes a difference. The world’s disaster, natural or man made may never stop but it’s the more unity of ‘We’ rather than ‘I’ to keep one community worldwide alike and that’s to observe a religion of ‘Humanity’. If differences defuse, black seeds of anger, ego, hurt, hatred ness or the like melts, there remain is a universal dream of ‘spellbound happiness'

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