Tuesday, January 25, 2005

The fear phobia is the panic that grips the mind to zoom and spin off to a nightmarish experience. It is a mental state of mind when anxiety pops off ‘What will happen’ and than creates thoughts, which has a negative influence. It is like a irrational phobia which makes a person uncertain and confused what would be the impact and outcome of the future happening.

With the recent disaster of Tsunami, it even reminds us of the Earthquake in India which occured during 26th Jan-Republic Day. Fear grips the mind at the very thought of the NYC Disaster too! Many people who narrate their experiences of the Tsunami, Earthquake or the NYC disaster, their hands would go clammy, their knees would shake, eyes would blur, feel fearful and have nightmares making them feverish till date. It's time to Stop Feeling the blues, to Freeze the Phobia - God has ever fashioned a way to rule his world, we only have to experience his creations. Let's wish all, the Best of the World and join hands to pray for peace.Let the Tsunami Fear lurk into past memories forever.

-Blossomsmile ilaxi
Editor online, kidsfreesouls

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