Thursday, October 06, 2005

Congratulations Kavin Nehul Mehta from Ahmedabad! He's the youngest member of Aeronautics and Rocketry Club of India, 11 year old studying in the VII grade of Ahmedabad International School and very active in the field of Aeronautics to be called 'Senior Sergeant Kavin Mehta'. He has presented aero models in the exhibitions held in Western India with keen interest in the technical design and his concepts in design of static and glider models are of high standard. Kavin has the ability in making Excellent Paper models, Historical models and Gliders. He has made Wrights Flyer II, Alberto Santos Dumont Model and Flying Glider I and is aquainted in flying Radio controlled Aircrafts.

Kavin recently presented the State of Gujarat in the JRD Tata Memorial Ceremony in Aeromodelling arena. Aeronautical Society of India conducted an interactive exhibition, quiz and model making activity at Nehru Center, Mumbai on 10th September 2005 when Kavin Mehta was encouraged by India's first cosmonaut Mr. Rakesh Sharma. He congratulated the aspirant Kavin who dreams to be an Aeronautical Engineer and Rakesh Sharma shared his childhood experiences and dreams to be a Pilot. Kavin Mehta is supported and guided by ARCI and Biju Nanukuttan, Commander of ARCI says "I would like to promote him to achieve even higher feats in the field of Aeronautics. I would'nt be surprised that if he does it in a short span of time. I wish him all the luck for his journey to achieve great milestone."

Well, Kavin Mehta - Kidsfreesouls wishes you all the best wishes and may the magic wand wave to spell lucky future ahead to reach your aspirations to higher goals & achievements. Cheers!

(Readers willing to write to Kavin Mehta may please email here with email id on site or may Phone Kavin at ARCI (Aeronautical society of India): 011-23370058.

- ilaxi

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prit- well done kavin

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