Saturday, September 17, 2005

I always got fascinated visiting a Church. Yeah, right from nursery to my finished schooling, I happened to visit the school Church and kneeled down to pray to the cross and felt, Mother Mary with the baby Jesus so close to the heart. I visited almost all midnight mass during christmas and got the crib done and christmas tree decorated. Today, the small plant I bought has grown to a big Christmas tree and so holy that every kid in the library has fancied to decorate it.

I remember, we had a Confession Box and one of our sisters use to sit behind and encourage the sinner kid to confess her wrong doing. We had strong faith and we were taught moral science as a subject. This helped us in being nicer and believe in the power of the word of god. Even today, I stop by to listen pastor sermons on television shows late nights and somehow today, I happened to visit the Online Bible Radio produced by Like the preachings of Gita and the shlokes recites makes the surroundings holier, I feel the Bible readings are holier and daily messages to digest with chapter readings. This one year Bible reading Blog makes you read Bible in a year. I feel the Faith Gems by Robert Schuller are the best I ever come across and Daily Bread thats so much easier too.

Religion whatever may be, it's the Faith that always matter.

- ilaxi


jon said...

After we paid for our kids summer acting camp we found it tough to recover! I totally agree with you!

Dennis Day said...

While I was searching the internet today, I came across your Bible Blog and checked it out. You have a pretty good Blog. I have a website that you might check out that also contains information on Biblical History...

Have a Blessed Day,

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