Friday, September 16, 2005

Right here waiting for you....! Is it? Well, this is the song that comes to my mind today as I remember this day, Richard Marx, the singer was born on 16th September 1963 (Chicago, Illinois) Most of his songs were ballads but he sang classic rock style too. With songs like "Don't Mean Nothing," "Should've Known Better," "Satisfied," and "Wait for the Sunrise." Marx placed himself in the record books by being the first solo artist to have his first seven singles hit the top 5 on the US charts.

Now, did I say that I have my own Radio Station [Listen to
Blossomsmile ilaxi's Radio Station
] that plays my very own favorite songs? Wanna listen my choice? Here is the link. You may request to play my songs or Today's Pop, western oldies, Reggae, Rap, whatever! Enjoy!

- ilaxi

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