Monday, September 05, 2005

Once again, its 'Teachers' Day' and here we remember the great Teachers who changed the course of our life! I remember Sir Talati - the 'Hitler' man of Mount Carmel. His one shout and it was a 'freeze' - total pin drop silence on the mass drill ground covering up more than 2000 students! The more tougher he been, the more kinder his attitude - This I realized later when after whistling my way to tease around turned out to be a big punishment for me, standing out of the class for the whole day! Yeah, he caught me red handed whistling the boyish whistles during the recess hours and that punishment proved a lesson to the rest of the class. When my brother was summoned, he turned out to be an old friend and that's how Sir Talati became my personal Maths tutor, a hitler who taught me Maths! And here I am....still with memories of a teacher coz if he'd not taught me maths sums, I would got the big egg in my final 12th and not seen the college! well, well.....

Adams said " The teacher affects eternity. One can never tell where his or influence stops" Shower of Roses to all Teachers...May the Roses never fade so that the sweet fragrance fills your heart with pleasure and appreciation that you bloom like a flower throughout the year and spread sunshine into the lives of children.


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