Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Tsunami brought Waves of Destruction and proved it have power of N Bombs! I am tense with the news popping every day and my heart aches to see the cries of humans! Not long ago, its been Christmas day and here, its Hell on Earth! Today, I saw a man lying dead next to a big dead fish, a mom running towards the sea trying to save her child and so many scary scenes! At Christmas, we say "Keep the Faith - Peace is at every doorstep" But where is Peace? Only we need to keep the Faith!!!

I remember,the story of a man named Job who reflects the image of a pious man, a perfect person who has faith in god, yet God takes his trials when Satan challenges god and tells him to take away his riches and comfort and then see how good he is. Yet, God rules! Job has faith in him and does not flinch! “Behold, he snatches away and who can hinder him, what are you doing?’ (Job 9:12 – Bible) Seems,God even has a hard time keeping chaos. We can only pray and let our prayers 'Heal the Pain'. Today, I won't say 'Keep the Faith' coz its majority Christian community affected on Christmas! How can one keep the faith?

- Blossomsmile ilaxi

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