Wednesday, December 15, 2004

When we hate our enemies, we give them power over us. Power over our sleep, appetites and our happiness. They would dance with joy if they knew how much they were worrying us. Our hate is not hurting them at all but it is turning our own days and nights into hellish turmoil. During such situations, we need to remember Gautam Buddha's words “For hatred does not cease by hatred any time; hatred ceases by love” We see the world getting charged to fall apart, we find Victims of differences whose hearts are filled with hatred and their eyes flaring the fire to engulf and burn the enemy to ashes.

Tolerance is on the back seat with the 21st century Generation and as one notice, from kid to a youth, the art of ‘Let go’ finds no place to existence. The kids who learn to cope with bad times and its this time when values of tolerance is more necessary for them to divert their minds to shrug off the hatred from the heart.

Keep the faith,Be Tolerant, Tame the Temper!

- Blossomsmile ilaxi

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