Saturday, May 13, 2006

Every person aim to be Creative! Women with more leisure in their homes find more creative outlets with an art form called 'Needlework'. This needlework is today out of place in many homes and kids no longer learn the simple stitches of needlework nor any form of creativity out of it. There were days in my school when Ms.Ludvina, our Needlework class teacher use to pinch us so hard, just because we did not do our needle stitches accurately. Nevertheless, today I feel that if she was not there, I would not have learnt how to do embroidery, take the creative stitches, knit a sweater or make those cross stitch frames and table mats, etc. 

Most of the schools today teach the kids how to write poetry, how to compute but miss out the patience teaching Needlework. When I recently took this class, the kids learnt how to use a needle, how to put the thread in the needle and actually learnt how to take stitches and did a cross stitch mat. 
What I feel is Needlework class taught them:

1. Concentration
2. Accuracy
3. patience
4. Using common sense
5. Feeling of being creative
6. How to help others
7. Engage in a useful activity
8. Get more organised
9. How to keep silence

Most of all, it's all about being Creative, gives newer ideas and teaches 'Perfection'. So, if you are missing out on these skills, do encourage creativity and let it flourish. Unleash Creativity.

- Blossomsmile ilaxi

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