Thursday, May 04, 2006

Recently, I read a Bizarre! A prisoner sues God! A Romanian prisoner is suing God for failing to save him from the Devil. The inmate, named as Pavel M in media reports, accused God of 'Cheating, abuse and traffic of influence.' The inmate argued that his baptism was a contract between him and God who was supposed to keep the Devil away and keep him out of trouble. He believed he was left in the hands of the Devil. The complaint was sent to Timisoara Court of Justice and forwarded to the prosecutor's office. However, they said that it would probably be dropped and they were unable to subpoena God to court.

My, jove, God must be wondering - Where's the Hell, what's heaven for! Btw, here's my article 'Computing for kids-Is it safe?' translated into Romanian language. I can't read Romanian but if you do, let me know whether this article has been useful to you or not. Also pass on the words in Romanian for me - I'll learn to read Romanian! Enjoy!

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