Sunday, March 21, 2004

It’s the need of the hour for Multiple use forest management as we mark 21st March as World Forestry Day. Forests can provide water for communities, food and shelter for wildlife; and recreation areas for campers, hikers and picnickers and business for many. As a growing concern for Environment, we see a lot of weight put on campaigns like Save Trees, Save Water, Save Wild Life, Save Environment – In fact, on a concern ‘How many of Rainforests are protected?’ at Environment Talk @, it is understood that Scientists and policymakers at the Switzerland-based World Conservation Union (IUCN) estimate that there are 44,000 “protected areas” worldwide, covering over 13 million square kilometers, an area equivalent to the landmass of India and China combined. These areas, which include rainforests but which can also be agricultural lands, national parks, reserves, forested land, marine sanctuaries and more, cover about 10 percent of the Earth’s surface. To Save Environment is a worldwide concern and as the ozone hole enlarges, it is estimated that sea levels would be rising high by 2020, nevertheless, changing the parts of the world.

More information on Rainforests can be derived at Worldwatch Institute,; or Rainforest Alliance, . If you want to ask any Question, send to me at Environment Talk on my website. Editor Doug Moss is sure to answer your queries.

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