Thursday, March 18, 2004

Last two days, I couldn't log but tuned late nights playing with my Remote and switching to channels on Television. All the news channels almost had some sort of 'Crime' - creating sensational hype of news. One day it was Bombing the Baghdad Hotel and the next day, a rape case of an Australian lady and all the sort of power, swindling, corruption, political pulling legs - crimes galore!

Have you ever thought that kids are the silent observers and respond faster to the environmental influence surrounding them? Drugs, Kidnapping, Stealing, Beating, bullying, sexual abusing, violence are the many things that threaten crime calling for alarm signals. Early influences play lasting roles in lives of kids. There has been a new light on bad habits that shape their character. Cigarette addicts, drug addicts, alcohol addicts, chewing tobacco or being spendthrift - Any kind of vices adopted are almost influenced from their nearest surrounding. Children watch out and are sensitively alert to the happenings that take place. There is a constant interplay of mental faculties with the hearing, seeing, speaking and thinking capabilities that nurture their growth. This is a tricky time to protect kids from Crime. Necessarily, protecting from crime – from being kidnapped, raped, humiliated, bullied, rejected, being addict to drug, alcohol or vices and on other fronts, protecting them from being Criminal minds. Some movies that show Gang wars,Bank Robbery or like, it’s the alert signal for a parental to be ready for a feedback to the young mind who may sense out the message in a negative influence. An Italian Criminologist, Cesare Lombrose theorized that most criminals arise mainly from environmental conditions such as urban pressures, poverty and a poor home life. Kids, especially Teenagers who are negativistic, destructive, aggressive and delinquent have strong influence on others trapped under their unhealthy murkiness attitude.

Come Elections in India and its time to Stop the Crime – It’s in our hands. The Mob frenzy in Gujarat has directly or indirectly made many kids the victims of Crime – Stop them being Criminals too! Let there be no more Community flare nor a mob fury. It's time to teach the kids to live out. Teach yourself to survive too. Build the basics and build them strong to protect kids from Crime – to stop them from being criminals. It's the need of the hour to Build the Pillars of Characters.

Protect kids from crime :

- Editor, Kidsfreesouls
Blossomsmile ilaxi

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