Saturday, March 06, 2004

March had been the first month on the early Roman calendar and was called Martius. Later, the ancient Romans made January the beginning of the year and March became the third month with 31 days and its name honors Mars, The Roman God of War. In India, Holi is round the corner and on the full moon day of the month of Phalgun when the Ashoka trees and Mango trees are in bloom, when the foliage buds of leaf almond are long and slender against the blue and when the scarlet plumes of the Palash stand out on its naked branches - Here comes Holi and its Colors of Love, colors of Life. It's time to paint the town red and spread the message of love - colors fill live with beauty and leave lasting impressions on minds. Your liking for different colors reveal your moods and personality. You can check your Sun Sign Character or Number reveleations too. Check this out and Paint the town Red with Kidsfreesoul ideas.

Happy Holi - Enjoy...Keep the Faith!

-Editor, kidsfreesouls
Blossomsmile ilaxi)

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